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FETISH ASSAULT - A psychological thriller with a minimalist approach, mixing aggressive rhythms, heart pounding percussion & ear ripping textures.

HYPOX is an explosive examination of what lies between the Dark and the Beauty of trailer music. It is a futuristic and dramatic approach with a unique signature sound.

R A I D is a collection of gritty, dark, percussive, high tension sound design for feature film advertisements. Created and produced by Robert Dudzic.


It is no secret the color RED is associated with strength, power, and determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Our first release in the RED series, entitled MIST, perfectly demonstrates all of these attributes.

ABATTOIR is a refreshing new approach to trailer music that only feature film composer Tyler Bates can deliver. Dark. Eerie. Menacing.


ROGUE is an epic and futuristic soundscape that combines beautifully orchestrated melodies with dynamically crafted sound design and colossal high-intensity hits. Composed by feature film composers Atli Örvarsson and David Fleming.


ATOMIX: ISOTOPE from feature film composers Chris Lennertz and Tim Wynn. ISOTOPE is a gritty, hard edged, intense display of hits, risers, and fx.

Quirky. Fun. Indie. Hilarious at times....Hotpress for Leopold from composer Omar Fadel is perfect for your Romantic Comedy campaign.


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