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More than 20,000 sonic reasons to get super psyched about Rock Radio imaging!

Groove tools is designed by a team of producers led by legendary video game composer Bryan Apple. You’ve heard them on the internet, satellite, many a video game, and obviously all over the dial. 


They have names, but you don’t care about that. You care that they wake up every morning, pound energy drinks, then climb into a windowless basement and churn out audio gold. 


They have all those radio stories of happy accidents that led them to this line of work, with all the badges of honor that go with it: a drawer full of old radio t-shirts, a shoebox full of air checks, and a phone full of blocked numbers. 


They’ve survived format flips, bad programming decisions, worse personal decisions, whatever the hell Lou Bega was, consolidation, budget restraints and have still managed to collect a quality paycheck even though every bit of logic and common sense has told them they wouldn’t. That alone means they’re good at this. 


And its led them here, to Groove Tools. An entire site dedicated to weird sounds, creative imaging, and twisted work parts designed to give other producers the creative assist needed to to get them , and you, just a little bit further ahead. 


You’ve read this far, which either means you’re bored or your eyeballs like our style. If it’s the latter, see what we can do for your ears. 


MICROS – a variety of musical scores from :05 to :60 – a plethora of music for every genre: rock to pop…quirky to novelty.

QUICK SHOTS – quick :01-:02 short effects for extra bling.

SPECIALTY – from timely comedy bits to random funniness; parodies to sung jingles.

THUMPERS – Produced ID’s with sampled beats generally designed for your call letters or station frequency.

WORK PARTS – produced id’s from :05-:10. You’ll find something for everyone…from rock to pop, news talk to sports talk.

ADDICTS – This is the stuff you, our loyal users, send in. Appreciate it when you send them with mixouts! Great way to get new ideas.

FUTURISTICS – great for new music breakers or for sounds to use when promoting big shows and events.

INSTA PROMOS – for those times when you have to knock out promos or quick ID’s in less than an hour.

LAYERS – designed to be placed between songs with your station voice or with listener testimonials or when you want an extra added “umph” to your already produced station ID’s.

2023 Demo Mix

  1. GrooveTools Demo New 1:58